2) Deep clean, Detox & Whiten box.

2) Deep clean, Detox & Whiten box.

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Deep clean & whiten box contains all the products you need to maintain, deep clean and whiten that smile!

whats in the box?
- 100% biodegradable, eco/vegan friendly bamboo toothbrush with charcoal infused bristles to help aid teeth whitening & maintenance.

Also in this box...

-100% biodegradable, eco/vegan friendly coconut pulling oil. This amazing product offers a 100% natural dental detox to remove plaque and bacteria, leaving you with a healthier & brighter smile and ensuring fresh breath throughout the day.

What is Coconut Oil Pulling?The practice of Coconut Oil Pulling was popularised in the early 1990's yet the traditional origins can be traced back to ancient oral health & well-being teachings.

So...What are the benefits of Coconut Oil For Pulling?
• Whiter Teeth (highly effective in the removal of stubborn surface stains such as wine, coffee & tobacco)
• Removes the bacteria and toxins from your mouth
• Body and Oral Detox
• Clean Teeth & Gums
• Fresh Breath

This box also includes 4 packs (8 treatments) of our amazing highly effective teeth whitening strips. Perfect for lifting those stubborn stains caused from coffee, wine & tobacco or removing general discolouration. Giving you a whiter brighter smile!