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About us

A little bit about us..
Here at postal pearls our mission is to provide you with the very best products when it comes to oral hygiene and teeth whitening!
why choose us? what makes postal pearls different?
Did you know that 3.6 billion toothbrushes end up in landfills every year? so with that knowledge we decided to do something about it and launched our very own 100% Eco & vegan-friendly, biodegradable range of toothbrushes! made from either bamboo or natural starch! and the head being made from 65% bio-based bpa free bristles which are also activated charcoal infused to aid natural teeth whitening!
also offer a wide and varied range of highly effective natural, vegan & Eco friendly teeth whitening products.
why not pick a box that suits you!
here at postal pearls we came up with the idea to provide you with various supplies all in one box that suits your own needs and requirements! you can buy a box as a one off purchase or subscribe (min of 3 months) to receive a box of tailored goodies monthly! each and every box contains one of our amazing toothbrushes inside! ideal if you are always forgetting to change your toothbrush! also as you would expect from us our boxes are all made from recycled paper and card and is 100% recyclable.
help us in making a stand against unnecessary plastic waste, we simply cannot do it without the help from you!
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