Ethics & Sustainability

Every plastic toothbrush and other plastic oral care products used 90 years ago still exists today on our planet. Together we can prevent this from continuing to happen for the next 90 years by using our amazing products!
Materials are products toothbrushes are used from:
Not just is bamboo 100% natural and eco friendly it is also naturally anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. 
We also stock a toothbrush that is made from wheat stalk this is an amazing natural material that gives the appearence of plastic yet it's natural and most importantly 100% eco-friendly and biodegradable the bristles are also BPA-free polypropylene ! AMAZING!
We have created are own range of teeth whitening products which are highly effective giving you instant noticable results, even just after one treatment/application. These are all made from 100% natural substances and are chemical and cruelty free!
Not just is all our packaging stylish and sleek, ALL of our packaging and corrugated boxes can go straight into your recycle bin as its made entirley from kraft paper, recyclable cardboard. 
Help us and our planet by ordering your box of goodies today and switch to a more responsible way of oral care, plus the amazing results you get from using our products! it's a win win situation really! Together we can change the future!