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Why choose Postal Pearls?

UK's 1st 100% Eco & vegan friendly teeth whitening & oral hygiene subscription box. 

the quick, easy & most cost effective way to get whiter teeth, improved oral hygiene and an all round whiter, brighter, beautiful smile!  
When day to day life is so hectic and you feel like you are having to remember a million things at once, replacing your toothbrush doesn’t always seem like it should be at the top of your to-do list and in most cases will easily slip your mind. However as advised by dentists it is extremely important to your oral health and well being to change your toothbrush up to every 8 weeks  - with that in mind here at POSTAL PEARLS we have come up with the perfect solution! instead of having to put a new toothbrush on your to-do list along with many other priorities you have, we’ll remember for you. And send you your gorgeous, vegan & Eco-friendly, biodegradable toothbrush straight through your letterbox a long with other various oral health goodies all in a recyclable gift box, giving you peace of mind that all your oral hygiene needs are taken care off!
Why you need a new toothbrush every 8 weeks
Over time your toothbrush bristles will start to break down, weaken and become ineffective. Not only this they also harbor lots of bacteria and your toothbrush can become a nasty bacterial breeding ground. Definitely not something you want to be putting in your mouth! The bamboo toothbrush you will receive is naturally anti-fungal and anti bacterial giving you peace of mind knowing you can maintain a healthy mouth and smile without risking your health and well-being and in 8 weeks time we will pop another one through your door!

Our subscriptions are for a minimum of 6 months (3 boxes) and prices start from ONLY £26.97 for a 6 month supply of toothbrushes along with our amazing deep detox and teeth whitening products also included in your box of goodies!
-and at the same time you're doing your bit to save our planet! 

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